A keen eye for the smallest details, lover of all things paper and the utmost diplomat, Gretchen returned to Boston after eight years in New York as a producer for NBC news. While at the TODAY show, Gretchen’s production credits included the ‘Today Run a Marathon’ series, ‘Today Builds a House’ series and ‘Today Throws a Wedding’ series.

The depth and breadth of skills Gretchen refined as a Producer translate seamlessly into event planning, where clear communication, incredible attention to each and every detail and thorough planning are critical.  Gretchen currently resides in Manchester-by-the-Sea and is a Vice President at the highly successful Real Estate firm,

J. Barrett & Company.  A graduate of Bowdoin College and native of the North Shore, Gretchen is a member of the Advisory Board of The Women’s Fund of Essex County, and typically has a number of other ongoing charitable and creative projects in the works.  

Overflowing with amazing ideas and the consummate networker, Gretchen’s ability to create and execute a seamless event is unmatched. Her passion for perfection makes everything she touches, Masterfully Planned! 

 Event Coordinator

Naomi Russell


Principle + Lead Event Producer

Alison McMaster

Boston | Charleston

The founder of Masterfully Planned, Alison McMaster, has been planning events and parties for over 15 years.  With a background in international film publicity, the performing arts as well as renovation project management, the value and commitment she brings to her clients is unparalleled. 

With her strong attention to detail, organization and logistics, Alison has you covered for all of your event needs! Alison's combination of skills, professionalism, a good sense of humor and years of event planning experience are brought to each and every event.

" Like people, no two events are alike.  Besides the beauty of events I am helping to create, my deep rooted passion is fueled by the diversity of my clients, of each persons individual needs and by the constantly changing nature of what an 'event' really entails. I can say that come event day, you have to be prepared for anything and everything and that is the fire that keeps me loving what I do."

While acting as an advocate for her clients, Alison has developed invaluable relationships with top notch vendors. Her calm nature and keen eye are just what you want for the coordination and planning of your most important events, both private and corporate, nationally and internationally.

Growing up in New England, Alison has always loved an event by the water.  After graduating from Boston University's College of Communication, Alison moved to Los Angeles to work in the Film Industry. After several years of International Press Junkets and Talent Tours, Alison relocated to the Lowcountry in 2003 where she had spent time every summer at her family beach house on Sullivan's Island.  It was the natural place to call home and continue her love of event production.

Alison can now be found on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Accepting a limited number of events a year, it was time to bring her talents back to New England and continue to grow Masterfully Planned into a full time event planning and incentive travel business.

" As in everyday life, it's the little details that make big memories. 
​Memories we want to hold onto forever. I love creating, defining and implementing something for a bride, a guest or a client that they can hold onto forever and know that I helped create that memory."

Business Development + 

Event Coordinator
Gretchen Berg

​​​Meet Naomi,  Master of Events. Superwoman of Attention to Detail. Currently in her 11th year as the Executive Director of Charleston Fashion Week, Naomi oversees the week-long event, from beginning to end. As a freelance coordinator with Masterfully Planned we can never have enough of Naomi. Clients love Naomi because her level of

commitment to every project she works on surpasses any previous expectations. Her ability to share client's vision and passion comes across in every detail. People who work with her call her a friend. Clients call her a savior. She's always ready, always willing and incredibly capable of taking a clients’ desires and executing them with precision and determination unmatched by others in her industry. 


Prior to relocating to Charleston, Naomi spent nine years in New York working for Time Inc. as the Senior Promotion Manager for ‘This Old House’ as well as for the Jim Henson Company as a production coordinator.  A graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, Naomi brings her New York energy to the table with everything she touches.  When Naomi's not wearing a headset directing shows or building events that dreams-are-made-of she can be found catching-up with friends over a Chai Latte, walking her beloved dog Lulu on the beach or
listening to her husband and his band rockin’ it out across the Low Country.